UBG-16 Ultimate Bar Graph

  • Non-Primary Replacement
  • 2 1/4″ Flush Mount
  • EGTs/CHTs + More (Up To 16 Functions). Programmable Alarms And Data Recording.

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FAA Approved Instrument

  • STC’d and PMA’d
  • Upgrade your aircraft panel with the ultimate bar graph instrument.

Easy To Install & Adaptable

  • The UBG-16 fits into your existing 2 1/4″ hole.
  • 16 input channels, the first 1-7 channels can be configured to monitor EGT/CHT. If the 7th bar is not selected to monitor EGT/CHT, it can be selected to monitor oil temp or TIT. The remaining open channels can be configured to monitor a multitude of alternative engine functions.

Accurate, Dependable & Easy To Use

  • Electronics International consistently has been a leader in digital engine instrumentation since 1979.

Engine Analysis Performed Automatically

  • 16 Pilot-programmable over-temp limits, 16 under-temp limits, a differential limit, and a shock-cooling limit.
  • Data recording included with every package.

UBG-16 Overview

The Ultimate Bar Graph is simply that – the Ultimate. No other bar graph in the industry comes close to offering the options available for the UBG-16.


  • Pilot-programmable redlines for alerting pilots of engine troubles.
  • Data recording for flight information reviews.
  • In-flight engine diagnostics information.
  • Differential and shock cooling alarms.
  • Hands-free leaning assistance, long-term normalized mode.
  • Completely scalable EGT bars
  • Array of functions available to monitor.


The UBG-16 comes with 16 customizable inputs. These inputs are capable of accepting the live data output from EI’s function modules. The wide variety of available function modules allows you to keep an eye on all critical engine parameters. Choose between RPM, Manifold Pressure, Gyro Vacuum, Volts, Amps, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, OAT, CARB, COWL, Fuel Pressure and Fuel Flow.

Available 4-Cylinder Model

Operating Modes

The UBG-16 has three distinctive Operating Modes, each with unique features and benefits.

Normal Mode

The Normal Mode is where the UBG-16 displays digital and graphical information about EGT’s, as well as digital information about other monitored functions. The Normal Mode is where all pilot-programming is performed, and the engine’s fuel-to-air mixture profiling (Profile Mode).

Normalized Mode

The Normalized Mode gives pilots a visual indication of trends occurring within their engine. When the bar graph is “Normalized,” all of the EGT bar graph columns are equalized in height. If, after normalizing the bars, any column is substantially different in height from any other column, then a change has occurred within the engine, which may be an indicator of an engine problem.

Lean Mode

The UBG-16’s Lean Mode gives hands-free assistance to pilots during the leaning process. The instrument provides critical leaning information for both Lean of Peak (LOP) and Rich of Peak (ROP) operations.

Data Recording


Every UBG-16 package comes standard with the MUX-8A Data Recorder. The MUX-8A receives information from the UBG-16 and stores each flight in a date and time stamped, comma-delimited format. The MUX-8A can be setup to record data every one minute, three minutes, six minutes, or it can be put it into the “Burst Mode” to record information as quickly as possible (usually every five to six seconds). Data files downloaded from the MUX-8A can be easily viewed in a charting program such as Excel. Download the data via USB with an optional Serial to USB adapter (sold separately).

Optional Functions

The Ultimate Bar Graph is capable of monitoring up to 16 channels, including many different functions, such as RPM, Manifold Pressure, Gyro Vacuum, Volts, Amps, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, OAT, CARB, COWL, Fuel Pressure and Fuel Flow.

As an example, a 4-cylinder engine monitoring EGT, CHT and RPM, would require 9 channels (EGT x 4, CHT x 4, RPM x 1)

These non-temperature functions are monitored by using Electronics International’s Function Modules. The flexibility of the modules allow you to customize your instrument to include the features you most need and want, without having to pay for extras that you may not find useful.

All of the functions on the UBG-16 can be programmed to alert pilots of high and low limits, so you don’t have to constantly watch these monitored functions; the UBG-16 will do it for you and will alert you immediately if anything is amiss.

UBG-16 Package Retail Prices

All packages include:

  • UBG-16 and Wire Harness
  • MUX-8A Data Recorder and Wire Harness
  • EGT & CHT Probes
  • Thermocouple Cables
  • AL-1 Red Warning Light
  • CP-1 Intensity Control Pot
  • Panel Drilling Template (for switch holes)
  • Operating & Installation Instructions
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Pilot Diagnostics Manual
Description Package Retail Price
4-Cylinder Analyzer Package with Data Recording UBG-16-4-MEM $1,698
4-Cylinder Analyzer Package with Data Recording +1 Piggyback CHT* UBG-16-4G-MEM $1,698
6-Cylinder Analyzer Package with Data Recording UBG-16-6-MEM $2,198
6-Cylinder Analyzer Package with Data Recording +1 Piggyback CHT* UBG-16-6G-MEM $2,198

* The “Piggyback” CHT is used on aircraft that already have a Primary CHT installed. The P-102-3/8 Piggyback CHT Probe is essentially a gasket that sits between the Primary CHT Probe and the cylinder being monitored. The difference in CHT temperature readings between a standard bayonet CHT probe and the Piggyback is negligible.

Available Options

UBG-16-Remote (add $145)
UBG-16 Remote Head option 1.5” deep (case connected to head by 7’ of wire). This allows for a smaller display portion to install into the panel with the freedom to stow away the larger portion of the instrument into an avionics bay or elsewhere behind the panel.

Fuel Flow (add $395)
The FM-Flow offers pilots precise flow to .1 GPH. The FM-Flow includes the module, the Flow Transducer (Specify either FT-60 or FT-90 when ordering), Wire Harness and Instructions.

Fuel Pressure (add $249)
The FM-FP-30 allows pilots to monitor the aircraft Fuel Pressure within .1 psi. The FM-FP-30 package includes the module, a PT-30GA Pressure Transducer, Wire Harness and Instructions.

Oil Pressure (add $249)
The FM-OP-100 allows pilots to monitor the aircraft Oil Pressure within .1 psi. The FM-OP-100 package includes the module, a PT-100GA Pressure Transducer, Wire Harness and Instructions.

RPM (add $249)
The FM-RPM-4 or 6 (Specify # of Cylinders when ordering) allows pilots to keep a close watch on their RPM through their UBG-16. The FM-RPM-4/6 package includes the module, a full set of Magneto Signal Isolators, two Signal Pickup Leads, a Wire Harness and Instructions.

Gyro Vacuum Pressure (add $249)
The FM-Gyro monitors vacuum pressure.

Manifold Pressure (add $249)
The FM-MP gives you the precision Manifold Pressure of a digital instrument (.1 Hg) in your UBG-16. The FM-MP package includes the module, an onboard Pressure Transducer, Wire Harness and Instructions.

Volts & Amps (add $249)
The FM-VA-50 allows pilots to monitor both Volts to .1 volts and Amps to .1 amps, although if you desire to only use one UBG-16 channel, you can opt to monitor only one of the two functions. The FM-VA-50 packages includes the module, an S-50 Shunt, Voltage Pickup Leads, Wire Harness, and Instructions.

Keyspan Serial to USB Adapter (add $35)
Many computers and laptops have a DB-9 connector built-in, though some do not. The Keyspan Adaptor receives the serial output from the MUX-8A on a DB-9 connector and adapts it a USB connection.

UBG-16 Specifications

Instrument: 2.65” x 2.65” x 6” Deep, 2 1/4” Flush Mount


  • 4-cylinder package 3.65 pounds (package components total weight)
  • 6-cylinder package 4.15 pounds (package components total weight)

Power Requirements
7.5 to 35 Volts
Typical: 0.5 amps @ 12 Volts

Plasma, Sunlight Readable


1 Degree (Fahrenheit)

Storage via MUX-8A
100-600 hours depending on data recording speed. 1 sample per 1/3/6 minutes. Recorded flight data can be easily downloaded via USB with an optional adapter (sold separately).



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