P-128 – OAT/Carb Temp Probe

P-128 – OAT/Carb Temp Probe


  • Fast Response Exposed Tip
  • Uses a Prescision Connector
  • FAA TSO’d, PMA’d

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FAA Approved Instrument

  • FAA TSO’d, PMA’d
  • Accurate and stable, precise temperature measurements.
  • FAST Response Exposed Tip.
  • Robust Construction, stainless steel body.
  • Perfected over decades of testing and field trials.


Operating Range: -80°F – 700°F Max
Certifications: FAA TSO’d, PMA’d
Configuration: Type-K, Ungrounded
Typical Applications: OAT/Carb Temp Readings

Compatible with:

  • A-1, CA-1, EAC-1, MVP-50P, CGR-30, and UBG-16

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Packages include:

  • P-128 – OAT/Carb Temp. Probe
  • Installation Instructions
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P-128 – OAT/Carb Temp. Probe $116


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