EDC-33 Smart Engine Data Converter

  • Analog & Digital Signal Conversion
  • FAA TSO’d to DO-160G & DO-178 Level C
  • Converts Raw Engine Data to Formatted Serial Data
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Analog & Digital Signal Conversion

  • Converts raw engine data to formatted serial data.

Precise, Stable & Accurate

  • FAA TSO’d to DO-160G & DO-178 Level C

Designed and Built in the USA

  • Electronics International consistently has been a leader in digital engine instrumentation since 1979.

EDC-33 Overview

The EDC-33 (Engine Data Converter) is sometimes referred to as a Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) and has a broad range of applications. Its main purpose is to monitor the probes, transducers and sensors mounted on the engine and airframe. It then processes this data and outputs it on a serial bus. This allows a Display Unit or MFD to display the data without having to perform the intense processing required in a set timeframe.Also, annunciators and status switches can be monitored.

The EDC-33 can be used on piston, turboprop or jet aircraft as well as helicopters. If an EEC or FADC system needs to be monitored, check out our BC-5 (Bus Converter).

Functions Available

NgStrainTail RoterGear Box TempOil TempBallon PressureRPM
NpOxygenSuper HeatLanding GearHydraulic PressureYoke PositionCarb Temp
ITTCabin AltEGTAnnunciatorsFuel LevelOil PressureVarious Switch Position
TorqueCabin Diff PressureCGTThrottleFuel PressureOATMany Others, Contact EI
G-SensorMain RotorAngle of AttackAmpsFuel FlowCHT
VibrationFrequencyFlap PositionIATVacuumDC Volts
Elevator TrimAileron TrimRudder TrimTITManifold PressureAC Volts

Smart Conversions

Processed and Calibrated Data Out

  • Analog and pulse signals are received and processed using an array of algorithms that massage the data into readable engineering units.
  • The EDC can provide simple linear conversions or mapped linearization for non-linear inputs or complex calculations.
  • Processed data is output via a number of serial protocols.
  • A receiving display unit only has to display the processed data as it is received.

Optimal Solution for Custom Monitoring Applications

  • Bluetooth capable for wireless in-field calibration.
  • The formatted data provides an easy integration to any display head without further processing.

Contact Us

Bring Us Your Project

  • For more information on how the EDC-33 can help you, contact us by phone at (541) 318-6060 or by email at [email protected]


5.85” L x 3.71” W x 2.35” H

1.0 Lb

Power Requirements
7.5 to 50 Volts
Typical: 0.1 amps @ 12 Volts

FAA TSO’d to DO-160G & DO-178 Level C

Typical Input Configurations

  • Model EDC-33P: 1-Volt Channel, 1-Amp Channel, 1-Fuel Flow Channel, 6-Pressure Channels, 17-Temp Channels, 4-Resistive Fuel Level Channels, 4-Capacitive Fuel Level Channels and 2-RPM Channels.
  • Model EDC-33T-XX: 1-Volt Channel, 1-Amp Channel, 1-Fuel Flow Channel, 9-Pressure Channels, 13-Temp Channels, 4-Resistive Fuel Level Channels or 4-Capacitive Fuel Level Channels and 2-RPM Channels.

Note: For both models, Temp, Fuel Level and Pressure channels can be used instead to monitor other functions or annunciators.

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