CA-1 Carb


OAT Instrument with Ice Zone Warning Light.  Kit includes: Unit, 1 ea 6′ Cable and 1 OAT Probe.

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Stable Digital Fuel Level for Single Tanks

  • Two 90° graphical arcs for quick reference of the fuel levels.

Easy To Install & Versatile

  • The CA-1 Carb fits into one of your existing 2 1/4″ holes.
  • Switch easily between Left, Right or Total Fuel

Accurate, Dependable & Easy To Use

  • Electronics International consistently has been a leader in digital engine instrumentation since 1979.

A-1 Carb Overview

OAT or Carb Temp

Electronics International provides the budget-conscious pilot the option to monitor their Carburetor Temperature and Outside Air Temperature with the same precision found in the most advanced analyzers on the market, while not breaking the bank.

Ice Zone Warning

The CA-1 provides pilots with one channel of Carb Temp and one channel of OAT readings in a stable, one-degree digital format. An “Ice Zone” Warning Light alerts the pilot when either temperature is between 10 Degrees to 39 Degrees (Fahrenheit).

Retail Prices

Package includes:

  • A-1 Carb Instrument
  • 2 ea. P-128 Precision Probe
  • 2 ea. XP-6′ Precision Thermocouple Cable
  • Wire Harness
  • Operating & Installation Instructions
Description Retail Price


2.5″ x 2.5 ” x 2.65” Deep, 2 1/4” Flush Mount

7 oz. (Unit), 2 oz for a Temperature Probe & XP-6′ Cable

Power Requirements
7.5 to Volts, 1/10 Amp

Ice Zone Warning
Light is lit when displayed temperature is between 10’F and 39’F.

Viewable in direct sunlight, with dimmable 12 and 24 volt backlight control lines.

Intensity Control
Seperate inensity control lines allow you to independently control Ice Warning Zone and Backlight intensity.

Type K Thermocouple, Ungrounded


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