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There are three categories that make up our measurement products; Engine Data Converters, Functional Modules and Transducers, Probes, and Sensors.

EDC-33 Overview

Engine Data Converter (aka: Concentrater; DCU; EDC-33x)

The EDC-33T (Engine Data Converter) monitors analog and pulse signals from Electronics International’s and/or an OEM’s Transducers, Probes, Sensors, and Modules. The EDC-33 has 33 universal channels and provides the following inputs:

  • 13 – Temperature Channels – Measures thermocouples and differential
  • 9- Pressure Channels – Measures mV Pressure Transducers and high
    impedance voltages.
  • 1 – Fuel Flow Channel – Measures Fuel Flow or a pulsed input.
  • 1 – Amp Channel – Measures a high side voltage on a shunt.
  • 1 – Bus Voltage Channel – Measures Bus Voltage.
  • 4 – Resistive and/or Capacitive Fuel Level Channels – Measures pulse frequency or a voltage.
  • 2 – RPM Channels – Measures pulse frequencies.
  • 1 – Temp Comp – Cold Junction Compensator for TC measurements.
  • RS-422 Output (RS-232 Optional) – Provides raw data to the display. The display unit performs the calibrations, de-jitter, and smoothing.

EDC-33T-S-OEM Description:

The EDC-33T-S is our Smart EDC. It monitors all the same inputs as the EDC-33T-OEM but it manipulates the data to provide output values that are ready to be displayed. The data can be used to drive an OEM’s Instrument, Data Recorder, Data Bus, or telemetry system. The data is calibrated, de-jittered, smoothed, and accurate. The data can be displayed at the same rate as it is received with no manipulation.

Functions Available

Ng Strain Tail Roter Gear Box Temp Oil Temp Ballon Pressure RPM
Np Oxygen Super Heat Landing Gear Hydraulic Pressure Yoke Position Carb Temp
ITT Cabin Alt EGT Annunciators Fuel Level Oil Pressure Various Switch Position
Torque Cabin Diff Pressure CGT Throttle Fuel Pressure OAT Many Others, Contact EI
G-Sensor Main Rotor Angle of Attack Amps Fuel Flow CHT
Vibration Frequency Flap Position IAT Vacuum DC Volts
Elevator Trim Aileron Trim Rudder Trim TIT Manifold Pressure AC Volts

Smart Conversions

Processed and Calibrated Data Out

  • Analog and pulse signals are received and processed using an array of algorithms that massage the data into readable engineering units.
  • The EDC can provide simple linear conversions or mapped linearization for non-linear inputs or complex calculations.
  • Processed data is output via a number of serial protocols.
  • A receiving display unit only has to display the processed data as it is received.

Optimal Solution for Custom Monitoring Applications

  • Bluetooth capable for wireless in-field calibration.
  • The formatted data provides an easy integration to any display head without further processing.


5.85” L x 3.71” W x 2.35” H

1.0 Lb

Power Requirements
7.5 to 50 Volts
Typical: 0.1 amps @ 12 Volts

FAA TSO’d to DO-160G & DO-178 Level C

Typical Input Configurations

  • Model EDC-33P: 1-Volt Channel, 1-Amp Channel, 1-Fuel Flow Channel, 6-Pressure Channels, 17-Temp Channels, 4-Resistive Fuel Level Channels, 4-Capacitive Fuel Level Channels and 2-RPM Channels.
  • Model EDC-33T-XX: 1-Volt Channel, 1-Amp Channel, 1-Fuel Flow Channel, 9-Pressure Channels, 13-Temp Channels, 4-Resistive Fuel Level Channels or 4-Capacitive Fuel Level Channels and 2-RPM Channels.

Note: For both models, Temp, Fuel Level and Pressure channels can be used instead to monitor other functions or annunciators.

Functional Modules