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The BC-5 is a TSO’d product that can provide a solution to a number of interface applications. It can monitor, manipulate, and output data on Bluetooth, ARINC 429, RS-232, RS-422, CAN ports. Also, it can data record, measure unique signals (capacitive fuel probes, etc.) and provide some control outputs. The following are some interface examples:

BC-5 Bus Converter

Communication Between Busses

  • ARINC 429, CAN, RS422, RS232, Bluetooth

Precise, Stable & Accurate

  • FAA TSO’d to DO-160G & DO-178 Level C,Conforms to TSO C-43c, C44c, C45b, 47a, 49b

EI’s BC-5 provides an elegant solution to the challenge of trying to interface several new and legacy data protocols, various data transmitting components, and co-existing displays. The BC-5 can translate, calculate, process, and record data, and also provides some optional external control lines.

BC-5 Overview


The BC-5 is capable of accepting and translating input from several different communication protocols, including CAN, ARINC, Bluetooth, RS-232, and RS-422. It doesn’t matter if the data is sent from an Air Data Computer, Engine Data Converter, FADEC, or another device, the BC-5 can accept data from multiple sources.


The BC-5 isn’t just a passive receiver of data. It can perform calculations on data received, and make decisions based on complex comparisons and situations.


After the BC-5 receives data and performs all necessary comparisons and calculations, the data is output in any specified format. The processed data can be sent to many different platforms. Some customers use the BC-5 to accept data from several inputs to display data on our MVP-50, others have used the BC-5 to drive existing OEM systems, and yet other customers have used the BC-5 to be a translator for both types of systems.


EI’s MVP and CGR systems include onboard data records, but some clients want to use the BC-5 as an onboard data recorder. Certain configurations of the BC-5 allow for thousands of hours of data to be recorded.


The BC-5 has the capability of driving control lines High or Low, based on defined criteria. If a parameter slips past a redline, if a timer reaches its limit, if a differential is exceeded between compared functions or any other set of conditions is met based on processed data, the BC-5 can be configured to turn on or off external control lines.

Example Applications

The BC-5 can interface with many different systems, including EI products, and custom and OEM systems. If you need data monitored, manipulated, displayed, or recorded, chances are good the BC-5 is the answer to your needs.

Example #1:

You have data on an ARINC 429 bus and some analog and discrete signals from an EDC-33. You want to combine the data and display it on a display unit.

Example #2:

You have a RS-232, RS-422 and CAN buses and want to monitor, combine and perform a math function on the data to produce a new parameter. You want all the data and the new parameter to be output on an ARINC 429 bus.

Applications (Convert and Process the following):

  • FADEC Data
  • GPS Data
  • Engine Data
  • Aircraft System Data
  • Combine data on different bus systems
  • Calculate a new parameter from input data
  • Convert from one bus system to another
  • Change the data configuration


3.8” L x 2.6” W x 1.57” H

0.66 Lb

Power Requirements
7.0 to 40 Volts
Typical: 0.1 amps @ 12 Volts


Communication Ports

  • ARINC 429
  • CAN
  • RS 232
  • RS 422
  • Bluetooth
  • Discrete I/O

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